Off Duty Police

Security Guard Company Of Orange County has a department of dedicated former police officers who work as off duty officers for commercial and celebrity clients, we fully understand the keys to success as well as the pitfalls of off-duty police work and employing active duty law enforcement officers. 

It's much more than hiring an off duty cop, it takes diligent vetting, scheduling, payroll, and the right insurance coverage. It takes a level of customer service that doesn't exist with a typical security guard companies who infrequently hire off duty police. It takes a company who specializes is law enforcement and understands the complexity of providing active duty police officers to clients.  Remember there is a huge difference between hiring security guards and hiring state certified police officers. 


 Highlights Of off-duty Police Services: 

  • Provide our clients with off duty police officers to meet their specific security related requirements.
  • Always provide only those officers whose unique training and personal skills are sufficient to satisfy the client's needs. 
  • Focus on customer service, attention to detail and being responsive to our officers and our clients.
  • Hold our officers accountable to the highest standard of work ethics, while treating them with dignity and respect.
  • Provide a unique, cost-effective, quality service that represents a genuine value to our clients. 
  • 24 hour Service available.
  • Uniformed or plain clothed officers available.



  • LH, Management

    - June 11, 2016
    “Security Guard Company Of Orange County has provided our facilities with the best possible service. Our workforce has noticed a huge difference around our building ”
  • SH, Reg Manager

    - June 11, 2016
    “I have employed most of the major security companies in the area and frankly none of them can hold a candle to SGC”
  • DF, Senior VP

    - June 11, 2016
    “Your services stand behind your name, Security Guard Company Of OC is the most committed, reliable, and responsive security vendor I have ever seen.”
  • RW, Owner

    - March 5, 2014
    “I extend a hearty thank you directly to you as well as the professional team of specialists you have maintained at our facility since day one”